Designing your own Thanksgiving Scrapbook

thanksgiving scrapbookThanksgiving Day is a very special day when friends and families reunite and remember all the wonderful things that they can be grateful for.

It is a time when we look back and reflect at life’s precious gifts. Young and old have always got something to be thankful of. Take a moment to look back and count all the blessings sent your way and start listing them.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to create a family scrapbook where everyone in the family gets a chance to contribute a page to the family scrapbook.

Take some time to outline your Thanksgiving Scrapbook. Choose the people who will help in making the project.

Before hand, possibly, you can give them a rule of thumb question like, “What are you most thankful for this year?” You can ask them to contribute pictures that will go on their page.

Of course, ask them to to journal about the picture they are contributing.  If they are reluctant to do so, just ask them a few questions about the photo and jot down their answers.  The conversation should flow easily and make for some great journaling.

Making a scrapbook album is an imaginative way to convey your thoughts. The scrapbook album can be elementary or it can be elaborate. We can write poems or just journal our inner most feelings. Once effected, the family scrapbook can be passed around and read by each member of the family during our Thanksgiving celebration.

Here are some ideas in completing a Thanksgiving Family Scrapbook.

- Take photographs of things and people that your family are thankful for.

- Make sure to journal about the photos. Why are you thankful? It would be helpful if you look at your past. Have the children journal with their own penmanship. If they are too little, you can interview them and write it for them. You do not have to make journaling difficult. Simply write what you feel using your own words.

- You could decorate the scrapbook pages with fall colors like orange, brown, red, purple and green.

- Use stickers that are appropriate to the theme like fall leaves, cornucopias and turkeys.

- You can even take pictures of your Thanksgiving feast preparation. Take photos of people cooking and preparing for the feast. You can include the recipes in your journaling.

- Create embellishments to enhance each page.  Create by hand or with a die cut machine such as the Cuttlebug die cutting and embossing machine.

- Take photos of the Thanksgiving table and decorations. If the children have made Thanksgiving projects in school, take a photo of them holding their project.

- The album does not have to be big. You can start with a smaller 5×5 album if you do not have enough photos. Of course, if you have lots of pictures, you may opt for a bigger scrapbook album.

- Once completed, make sure to place page protectors on your album pages to protect your scrapbook albums from sticky fingers.

You could make this into a yearly tradition. It would be great to see a visual record of all of the blessings you have received over the years. It will be a great conversation starter for your next Thanksgiving celebration. Once this has become a family tradition, each contributor to the scrapbook album project will surely look forward to what everyone will contribute each year.

When designing your own Thanksgiving scrapbook be sure to use quality materials that will last for generations as this is sure to become a family heirloom.

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