How to Scrapbook?

how to scrapbookNothing beats the feeling of knowing that you can somehow go back in time simply by turning over a few pages of none other than a scrapbook.

Anyone can learn how to scrapbook if he or she has the patience and creativity to do it.

In addition, you should also keep handy the essential tools needed for scrapbooking.

As long as you have the right scrapbooking tools, you can easily create with wonderful scrapbook pages which will make memories last a lifetime.

Scrapbook Papers

So what’s the first thing that you need in scrapbooking? It’s none other than the paper. You don’t even need to have the fanciest or most expensive scrapbooking paper. Simply look around your house – check your drawers, look for old gift wrapping paper, cards, packaging paper, magazines, old papers and even newspapers.

Just let your imagination run wild and you can come up with materials to spice up your scrapboking page. Or, you can purchase some specialty papers like ones which have patterns or new gift wrapping paper.


As much as possible, use various kinds of scissors such as a pair which allows you to create zigzaged edges on the material that you will cut.scrapbooking scissors

However, you can still use a regular pair of scissors for you to have a nice scrapbooking session.

Scissors will help you trim papers, cut shapes, resize the printed photos and do a number of other things.

The previously mentioned craft scissors which create shaped edges are extremely useful if you want to give interesting trims on the paper used for scrapbooking.

Creating these decorative trims using regular scissors will be quite a challenge so craft scissors is a much better and easier option.


Any adhesive which can be used to stick any type of material to your scrapbook belongs to this group. Among most important is glue.

You can also include clear or colored scotch tape and double-sided tape for sticking two photos together without the mess.

Staplers can be used to more securely stick two items together and for a fun touch, use colored staple wires.

Pens and Pencils

Cut-out papers are typically used decorations for scrapbook page ideas. But sometimes, you need to create some outlines or drawings to make them even more interesting.

For example, you can’t say that a round-shaped object is a ball if you will not draw some curves to make it look like a ball.

Drawing some figures on the pages will spruce up your design as well. In addition to pens and pencils, you can also go for markers, color pens, crayons, colored pencils and pastel.

Pre-Made Scrapbook Pages

Should you decide to buy premade scrapbook pages, these basic scrapbooking materials are still required.

Sure, purchasing pre-made pages can make it easier for you to put together a scrapbook.

But knowing that you spent all your imagination, time and effort into organizing your memorabilia into a lovely scrapbook is what will make those memories even more special. Remember it is all about simply doing -- get started with your first one and you will realize you already know how to scrapbook!

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