Scrapbooking Tips and the Environment

Scrapbooking Tips can be found in many different places. This is in part because scrapbookers are very passionate about their hobby. From time saving tips, to those that respect the environment, information abounds.

The base material for most scrapbook projects is paper. Using paper in a creative way to record memories is at the heart of this fun hobby.

Paper, as we all know, is a natural product. It is usually made from trees, which are a natural product. Since trees are a renewable resource, this material is viewed as an environmentally friendly product.

It seems people who craft scrapbooks tend to be eco-friendly in that they don’t waste extra material. For example, when a fancy piece of paper is put through a die cutting machine to create a little object, the remaining paper is reserved for future pages.

Reuse and recycle is a common theme amongst this group of hobbyists. Below are some scrapbooking tips based upon a list from the Abundant Forests Alliance.

1. Use archival and acid free paper to protect your work for years to come.

2. Consider photocopying your pictures. This will preserve the original photos. Using photocopies gives you more freedom when creating a layout.

3. Take a photograph of large mementos when the original object is too big to fit in your scrapbook.

4. Keep the little stuff. When you include small objects in your layouts you can tell a more complete story. You might be surprised at how important little “insignificant” scraps of paper can become when telling a story visually.

5. Don’t throw that gift wrap away. Decorative paper, bags, and tags make great scrapbook pages. Consider making a collage from a little bit of each piece of wrapping paper from your next birthday party or holiday celebration. It will make a great backdrop for your page.

6. Collect items from nature to use in your layouts. A fun idea is to use a die cutting machine to cut out the basic shape of the object to use as a frame, and layer the actual item (such as a maple leaf or flower) on top. Playing outside with young children is a common event. Notice what your child finds interesting and scrapbook about it. Often it is the everyday little things we will look back upon and cherish the most.

7. When preserving a special day, such as the day your baby was born, use the newspaper from that day and incorporate it into a special page.

8. Turn “I’m bored” into something special with a rainy day project. Then end it with a fun scrapbooking session involving the kids. The next time they are “bored” then can create another page. This could turn into each of their own “Rainy Day Activity” scrapbook.

9. Another great tip is to collect items at an event, such as a wedding, and then create a scrapbook to give to the bride and groom on their first anniversary. Look around before the ceremony and during the reception. Collect the little things, such as confetti, ribbons, flower petals, etc.

10. Keep the “Three R’s” in mind when scrapbooking – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Get creative and use these scrapbooking tips to create environmentally friendly scrapbooks to cherish for generations to come.

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