Turning An Ordinary Photo Album into a Scrapbook Wonderland

scrapbook embellishmentsThe popularity of scrapbooking has seen an boost over the past few years.

Scrapbooking is now used for gifts, memorabilia and photo albums or holiday.

With the increase in popularity for scrapbooking has seen the development of scrapbook embellishments.

Many shops have being set up that specialize in scrapbooking tools and embellishments all over the world.

One may also buy scrapbook embellishments and tools at online stores, you will also find a lot of forums dedicated to scrapbook chat and ideas.

Embellishments and tools allow you to be imaginative in a new way, so that you can make original scrapbooks.

As well as readings, poems and sayings been written through out your scrapbook you can now add trimmings such as different papers including printed and textured, fabrics, butterflies, flowers, stencils, buttons, serrated scissors, different fonts, cropping tools and more.

Designing your first scrapbook can be very daunting as you are never sure where to begin. It is advisable that you first decide on the style of your scrapbook . Once decided you are able to determine what you would like your scrapbook to look like and which scrapbook embellishments you would like the use.

Instructions to turn an ordinary photo album into a scrapbook wonderland:

Step 1
Pick out the photos you wish to incorporate in your scrapbook. These photos will help determine the style of your scrapbook, they could be photos of an event, destination or period of your life.

Step 2
Put aside things that you wish to include in your scrapbook. Accessories may be tickets, clippings or lyrics relating to the theme of your scrapbook.

Step 3
Observe the overall color scheme and style. Which colors will compliment your photos and accessories in order to enhance the overall appearance.

Step 4
Gather a stack of scrapbooking embellishments which will compliment your chosen colors, theme, photographs and accessories.

Step 5
Gather your photos, accessories and scrapbook embellishments into piles which represent each page in your scrapbook.

Step 6
With your tools, including stencils, glue, and scissors start with your initial page. Continue until you are finished and satisfied with your tools and design.  Die cut machines such as the Cuttlebug die cutting and embossing machine make creating page adornments a breeze.

Scrapbooking can be extremely pleasurable. Scrapbooking groups have now been formed in many communities this can be very social and a great opportunity to meet people with a common hobby.

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