Forged cutting die mold

Forged cutting die is using forging steel die blade to make for the die mold .It is good for long time using and cutting jobs.Forged cutting die mold which is more durable than steel rule die. if you want steel rule die ,you could contact Gerson at any time.

Forged cutting die mold
Forged cutting die mold

The forged dies for a multitude of applications ranging from footwear, bags,saddles,plastic sheet to use in cut-in-place thermoforming, leather floor tiles, rubber mats, etc.,

Gerson have many dies molds for customer requirement. Gerson also developed many years for cutting machine manufacturing in die cutting industry.

Welcome to Contact us at any time for die molds and die cutting machine.Our inside technical sales staff will be pleased to discuss your cutting die and press machine requirements.



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