120 ton die cutting machine

120 ton die cutting machine means that the die cutting machine have 120 ton 120T cutting power.Do you want 120 ton hydraulic press that can cutting out the material to meet you reqirement ?That is the right place that we manufacture many 120T ton die cutting machine more than 30 years.

120 ton die cutting machine

1. 120 ton fixed head beam die cutting machine. application: used for die cutting leather,foam ,fabric,plastic, shoes, phone cases, purese,gloves, blister card etc.

2.We also have available in a variety of different variants. Whether fixed beam, receding beam, manual or automatic sliding table, cutting belt system

3.Cutting force and cutting table can custom built ,also the feed type:sheet or roll .For example: A clamping beam feeds all five rolls simultaneously. The double-reinforced machine body minimizes deflection, increasing belt life for the thin PET belt.

4.any question ,welcome to contact us at any time.



Maximum Scissoring Force

120ton more cutitng force available

Distance from Pressing Plate to Working Table


Effective area of the working table

1600*850mm or more sizes

Moter Power


Feeding power


Total Weight(about)



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