leather clicking press machine for sale

The clicker press  machine (a  cutting machine for small  die cutting with die)type for small die ,so that most leather workers love Gerson  type machines.Also gerson have big die cutting machines that for big sheet or roll material.

Gerson have several models clicking press for choice.The GSB serie,GRA Serial,GR serial etc.,The table size is about 900mm*400mm,900mm*430mm,1000mm*500mm etc.,The cutting force is from 8Ton ,10 Tons, 12 tons,14Tons,18 tons,20Tons,22Tons, 2/27/28Tons etc.,

And nomal features:
1.Two hand operation make sure the worker safe when woking .
2.Great hydraulic system, high speed cut ,with very low noise and low temperature in working
3.From the smallest 10 Ton to 28 Tons for your choice.
4.It is very easy to adjust height of swing arm from table by simple handle.

Please contact Gerson sales,if you have any question ,Or you could visit:http://www.shoesmachines.com

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