shoes/footwear die cutting press

The cutting press  for shoes: leather shoes,formal shoes, casual and comfort style.All the components of the shoes are cut out of selected materials, such as leather, textile, etc., by using clicker press.

There have several models clicking press for choice:

1.GSB-2C clicker press
leather shoes clicker press GSB-2C
GSB-2C have 10Tons cutting pressure ,16 tons cutting force ,20 Tons and 25Tons cutting force.The cutting area from 900×400mm to 1000×500mm.

2.Small cutting force and table clicker press

leahter shoe clicker press_GSB-10
GSB-8 and GSB-10 have cutting force 8 tons and 10Tons ,the cutting table :650×330mm or other custom made.


leahter shoe clicker press_GR-20C
20Ton and 27 Ton cutting force ,The cutting table can be 900 x 430mm, 900 x 450mm,1000 x 500mm,1200 x 500mm,or more


leahter shoe clicker press_GRA-220
20Ton and 27 Ton cutting pressure,the cutting table from 900 x 430mm,1000 x 500mm


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