die cutting machine for small parts

More and more people would like to buy die cutting machine for small parts.The parts are soft material or semi-hard material .Today we recommend Gerson die cutting  machine for your working choice:

leather shoes die cutting machine

1.Swing arm cutting machine for leather shoes
From 8Tons to 28tons ,the cutting area can be up to 1000*500mm.

2.Travelling head cutting machine
The cutting force can up to 100tons and cutting move head up to 1000*1000mm,cutting table width can be up to 180mm to 2500mm
Manual travelling head press can cutting by pushing button .Automatic can autamatic cutting and automatic moving left to right then right to left.

3.Tydraulic plane cutting machine
25T to 35Tons cutting pressure ,and the cutting area can be 1600*1600.

4.Beam press

25T to 500Tons cutting pressure ,and the cutting area can be 3600*3600.

All of the above machines can be custom made .

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