Atom clicker press for sale

Gerson machinery have many used Atom cutting machine and rebuilt/recondition Atom cutting machine,Also if you need andy old ,rebuilt ro new Atom cutting machine.Please contact us.

used atom cutting press machine

USES: it is suitable for large leather, plastic, leather, nylon, foam. Cooperate with cutting die, cutting into various shape.

1. The vast power consumption and low speed of higher cutting.
2 the operation is simple, safe, without any modifications.
3 strong mechanical structure, low noise, low failure rate.
4 attached, small truncated.

Main Features VS922 VS 922/3
Cutting table 900*430mm 900*430mm
Arm width 370mm 370mm
Maximum cutting power 20tons 22tons
Maximum stroke 90mm 90mm


  1. need 1 set New Atom SE 20 C 22 Ton Swing Arm Cutting press In MUSCAT – OMAN .
    Please give C & F Muscat Price.

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