Shoes Cutting Machines Processing Work Flow

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One: Die Cutting machine operation basic knowledge

The die cutting machine operator should possess the following qualities:
A. good cutting professional knowledge
B. strong cost and quality concept.

Two: Cutting machine operation precautions:
1) Cutting Machine Type: one is swing arm cutting machine also called clicker press .

the other is travelling head cutting machine

2)The die or knives mould types: ordinary materials knives and thick material knife

Three: Operation Methord(One operator,one machine)
1)Setting the cutting die
2)The operation of the standard work following:
a.Check sample shoes and materials.
b.Prepare raw materials according to the standard.
c.Take the cutting die according to the dispatch list,then cutting according to the instruction of SIZE detai
d.Operation: absolutely not allowed two (or more) people at the same time of the operation.When the hand not leave technical
support mold ,absolutely not press the switch.

4, There have four categories cutting material:

1) leather:calf leather,cattle leather etc., 2) PU 3) Mesh 4) accessories

5. The texture of leather material distribution


(1) back: the best texture. Used in
The toe / shoes wings inside and outside waist.
2, shoulder texture somewhat less. Used in
The toe / shoes wings inside and outside waist.
(3) Head: poor texture. Used in shoe wings
And Chi-piece cover up and upper allowance
4, hooves: poor texture. used in
Chi-piece cover up and upper allowance
(5) abdomen: poor texture. used in
Chi piece to cover up and upper allowance.

6.Leather extending direction
Within the meaning of the tip of the arrow
Direction to the direction of pull on stretch. Referred to as the extending direction.
7.Cutting Techniques

a.Half skin start on the left shank, pass through the butt to the right shank.
b.Cutting dies have to be placed as close as possible to avoid excessive waste.
c.Sample of the shoes should be provided to cutter, for him to know what grain fault could be added to the upper that could
be covered.
d.Cut the large sizes from the largest skin.
e.Save skins with many defect for small sizes.
f.Lift the cutting dies, do not drag them across the leather as they could scratch it.
g.Ensure that suede’s patterned and shaded leather are match up.
h.Place cut components on the bench so as to avoid damaged and put knives on the flesh side of stacked component.
i.Operator should feel the stretch direction before cutting.

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