die cutting machine Installation and start

Die cutting machine Installation and start

1, wiped with a cloth or cotton oil immersion protective resin on the cutting machine  into the dirt, the mechanical level is placed securely between the machine foot and ground mat rubber pad.

2, open the die cutting machine  the next board, thoroughly clean the inside of the chassis to the chassis inject clean 68 # hydraulic oil of approximately 80% of the tank volume method, the minimum oil level is not less than 50 mm tubing above the exit.

3, according to the principles and requirements of electrical appliances, connected to a 380V three-phase power and and reliable ground wire.

4, the motor starts, pay attention to the motor steering, the right to use consistent with the direction of the arrow, the empty run two minutes and then empty load test washed several times. Note the fuel tank before boot, otherwise it will damage the oil pump.

5, to enhance the life of the machine and to achieve the best use of performance, selection of high quality hydraulic oil. The start of the work, the oil temperature must be 10 degrees Celsius after the operation, if the cold weather the oil temperature is too low, you should boot for some time, until the oil temperature reaches 10 degrees Celsius, the pump in order to maximize its effectiveness.

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