Beam Cutting machine Operation Attention

The following operation attention for Gerson Beam press .

1. Keep the cutting die in the middle position of the upper press board for keeping the machine getting average pressure.Must make sure the cutting table in the same height position.
2.Lubricate the junction of four-post and guid cover twice every working day ,that make sure the pillar running smoothly.
3.When the cutting machine working ,do not keep the operator’s body too close to the upper press board to prevent dangerous.
4.If the operator is needed to leave from beam press ,please turn off the power to avoid another person damage to the machine by incorrect operation.
5.Please press the both botton at the same time,once press head down to required postion,release one of the botton ,the press head will move back.
6.When operation this beam cutting press,must use both two hands ,prohibits the hand into the cutting area.
7.If the worker meet any problem ,please contact Gerson machinery.


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