clicker machine for sale

Clicker machine also called clicker press or clicker press machine .Gerson machinery have  own brand new clicker machine for sale.

swing arm cutting machine

If you are finding one or more clicker machine ,please contact Gerson sales department.

1.This swing arm cutting machine table size is about 900mm*400mm,900mm*430mm,1000mm*500mm etc.,The cutting force is from 8 Ton ,10 Tons, 12 tons,14 Tons,18  tons,20 Tons,22 Tons, 27/28 Tons etc.,

2.The beam is of light alloy for easy swinging.
3.Availability of two sizes makes the machine adaptable for all bra factory requirements.
4.Production increases from 6-10% have been noted over mechanical clicking machines
5.From 10 tons to 25 tons cutting power for factory choice.
6.Also other swing arm press models for choice: GRA model and GR models.

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