Plastic Packaging Cutting Machine choice tips

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How to choose the plastic packaging cutting machine

Do you know how to choose one right plastic packaging cutting machine.

Many Gerson machinery customers are in the plastic industry, with the old-fashioned mechanical die cutting machine, the price is cheap, simple to operate, but will occasionally produce work-related injuries, hospital charges which small and medium-sized enterprise is certainly not a small burden, so you must need to choose the right products.

By chance, visit one of blister plastic packaging plant, to see the factory mostly used old-fashioned mechanical cutting machine, which are very noisy sound of the motor running and the roar of the machine pressure sound, it is very noisy, and a worker to see their boss to go, distracted look, the machine is running almost cutting his hand. I began to realize that the original injury is generated .

Gerson machinery give the boss careful analysis of the mechanical cutting machine and hydraulic cutting machine:

1.Hydraulic cutting machine power only 3KW and mechanical need 7.5Kw which is small power consumption and energy saving.
2.Hydraulic cutting machine is more lower noise than mechanical cutting machine ,so the hydraulic cutting machine can provide a quiet environment to the workers to avoid the cutting accident.
3.Operation requires both hands button pressing before pressing down, and the full protection of the worker hands.
4.Mechanical cutting machine stroke point limit maximum 160mm, and hydraulic stroke up to 200mm, so to meet the demand of the plastic industry.

At last ,This plastic packing plant order Gerson plastic packaging cutting machine

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