Swing arm die cutting press machine

Product Description
This swing beam die cutting press mostly for the small die cutting pieces.

swing arm cutting machine

1.Simple operation with swing beam .so we called swing beam die cutting press

2.The upright column is made of high-grade seamless steel tube,supported by two upper and ower holes ,to ensure the upperstrike board can turn smoothly,with good reliability.

3.Adopt the switches that are operated by two hands ,to ensure the operator is safe.

4.The position of the swing arm is adjusted by the upper handwheel on the machine,blankingtravel is controlled by the timer,thus it is easy to obtain the best cutting position ,which can increase work efficiency and prolong the service life of the knife mould and backing board 5.Use flywheel inertia stored energy to save energy.

Model: GSB-8/10 Pressure: 8T/10T

Motor: 1.1Kw Stroke : 100mm

Size of the working table: 580x380mm

Cutting width: 330mm

N.W: 450Kg

Dimension: 580x800x1650mm

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