die cutting press inspection

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What is the contents needed to inspect for die cutting machine

The maintenance of Gerson brand die cutting machine is a general term for machine maintenance and repair.Maintenance is a way of keeping the the cutting equipment designated technical functioning of the day-to-day liquidity.The repair is a troubleshooting and restore the flow of technical functioning of the cutting machine.

When die cutting machine is in use. Because the parts from a variety of abrasion, erosion, fatigue, deformation, aging and other phenomena, lead to the accuracy decreased function, affect product quality, equipment downtime caused when the situation is grim. Cutting machine maintenance is taken through the machine for maintenance and repair, reduce its degree of deterioration and prolong life, to maintain or restore the function of the machine delineated technology flows.
Cutting machine maintenance include equipment inspection, adjustment, lubrication, timely processing and found anomalies. In order to ensure the normal operation, reduce wear and protect the accuracy and extend the service life essential lubrication of justice, Care and maintenance.
The main content of the daily inspection of the cutting machine is the vibration of the equipment, different sound, loose, temperature rise, pressure, and flow.From the general appearance of the phenomenon and the state of the processed products in the state of the equipment operation, by relying on the senses simple instrument determines the function of the machine and the working condition is good or bad.Such as temperature, pressure and speed of the cutting machine, punching precision, noise,hydraulic cutting machine oils and leaks, and so on.
In short, Gerson Machinery suggest that according to the degree of the complexity of the cutting machine, the functional characteristics, to determine the contents of the inspection site, cycles, etc. to formulate repair location, time, and technical preparation.
Responsible for the inspection work generally manipulated by co-workers and maintenance workers.

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