PVC film cutting machine

Gerson die cutting machine for PVC film,PVC sheet,PVC roll etc.,

For small PVC film full cutting machine ,you could take Gerson clicker press for small pieces.For medium size PVC film ,you could take Gerson traveling head cutting machine .For big size PVC film ,you could take Gerson beam cutting machine.

PVC film cutting machine

1.From the smallest 25 Ton to the largest 500 Tons.
2.Cutting are from 800x500mm to any size according material requirement.
3.Die Cut materials in single or multiple layers
4.Blade upward or downward cutting
5.Four column, with two cylinder construction
6.Double mechanical balancing system
7.Even cutting and full power across complete cutting area
8.Heavy duty construction
9.Low deflection
10.Two stage press closure reduces size variation or distortion in 12.thick or multi-ply material applications
11.Steel to steel cutting available with optional equipment
12.Accept customized requirement .


If die cutting half material or kiss cutting ,could take Gerson kiss cutting machine

KISS Cutting machine

The kis cutting is die cutting process of a face material of a laminated substrate without cutting the support material .For example: kiss cutting a sticker label or gasket is that die cutting the top layer of a material without cutting through an attached material. – leaving the label on the backing sheet ready to be peeled off.


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