XPE foam cutting machine

Gerson XPE Foam die Cutting Machine is foam sheet cutting machine can die cutting the most foam material and product:

XPE-foam cutting machine

1. Operate the structure of double cylinder and precise four-column automatic balancing links to make sure same cutting depth in each and every cutting region.
2. If the pressure plate presses downward to touch the die cutter, the appliance automatically slowly cuts, that make that there are no error involving the top and bottom layers of cutting materials.
3. Have setting structure especially, that makes adjustment of stroke safe and accurate coordinating with cutting force and cutting height.
4. Set automatic force feed to ensure the precision of machine and raise longevity of machine.
From the smallest 25 Ton for the largest 500 Tons and up on request, Gerson Precise cutting machine are adaptable to some lots of applications. Suited to cutting many materials:Leather,rubber,fabric,plastic,paper,paperboard etc.,

Feed Systems Available: Hand Placed Material
Roll Feed Systems
Clamp Feed Systems
Single and Dual Sliding Tables
Manual and Powered Tables

Custom special requirement are available upon request.

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