Leather industry into the crucial period of transition

2013, China’s exports of leather industry will continue to face pressure from the international market, some products exports will decline, export product structure and country will also change, the leather industry is entering a restructuring, accelerate the transformation of development mode crucial period.
“China’s leather industry is still growing at a steady state can be expected.” China Leather Association Su Chaoying representation. Statistics show that in 2013 a quarter of China’s leather fur and products and footwear sales revenue of 242.58 billion yuan, an increase of 12.9% over the 2012 year-end increased by 2 percentage points; total profit of 13.89 billion yuan, an increase of 9.3% over the 2012 end of the year down 0.7 percentage points; exports $ 9.49 billion, an increase of 27% over the 2012 year increased 17.2 percentage points.
Reporters learned that, in 2013 China’s leather industry exports will continue to face pressure from the international market, exports of some products will decline, export product structure and country will also change, in this situation, leather Enterprises must be based development model of quantity to quality and economic returns, the leather industry is entering a restructuring, accelerate the development pattern in the crucial period.
Export volume price rise
Reporters learned from the China Leather Industry Association, China’s exports showed some amount of leather goods price rise trend, require further attention, such as leather shoes exports fell 0.6%, the value has increased by 4%, unit price increased by 4.68% so; travel goods and luggage exports fell 2.8 percent, exports rose 42.4%, unit price increased by 46.89%.
Sale and export of data from the production point of view, China’s fur and products industry continued rapid growth last year, the industry is still the current stable development of a new bright spot. Fur clothing sales revenue growth of 32.9%, profit growth of 59.5%, export value growth of 64.8% up to 36.5% and well above the industry average. ,
In contrast, China’s footwear exports 2.6 billion pairs, an increase of 11.3%, of which only the leather shoes exports fell 0.6%, the growth rate as high as 57.6% for other footwear. This shows that China’s leather products export structure is changing, the current foreign trade recovery is still not solid, uncertainty still exists.
Changes in product mix
Statistics show that the first quarter of this year, China’s leather countries U.S., EU and Japan share of exports were 24.9%, 22.4% and 6%, respectively, year on year growth of 11.4%, 32.6% and 2.7%, slightly above or below the industry average. ASEAN’s export growth up to 108.7%, overtook Japan to become the third largest export market. In addition, China’s leather industry market development efforts in developing countries to increase and become a major force foreign trade growth points, including export growth in Africa up to 58%.
To stabilize China’s leather and footwear products in the international market, to provide time for the upgrade assurance Su Chaoying said that the leather industry to strive to achieve the diversification of export products, effectively deal with international trade friction.
2013, China’s exports of leather and footwear products developed and developing countries will continue to face a common extrusion, product price improvement will affect the growth of export volume, exports of some products will go down. At the same time the export product mix and country will change, that the proportion of non-leather footwear exports will continue to improve; to emerging market countries continue to increase the proportion of exports.
Development of high-speed sub-sectors
As the situation develops, China’s leather industry for over 30 years to the advantage of the rapid development of a change, the introduction of foreign advanced technology to further increase the difficulty of the situation must Forced enterprise-based development model to quantify the quality and economic returns, focused on creating technology and brand advantages become the key, the leather industry has entered a restructuring, accelerate the development pattern in the crucial period. “In the context of industry transformation and upgrading, leather and shoemaking machinery, machinery parts, leather chemicals and other sub-sectors of the industry growth rate is expected to be higher than the average speed.” Su Chaoying said.
The slow pace of recovery in the industry
Reporters learned that this year China’s leather industry’s recovery will be relatively slow pace, the annual industry output growth above 10%, the annual export growth rate will be lower than 10%.
Su Chaoying said that in the coming period, the leather industry is still in consumer demand-pull stage, the diverse needs of leather products will continue, the entire industry in the process of urbanization in the country is also tremendous opportunities for development.
In the coming period, China’s leather industry still has a strong comprehensive competitive advantage. International leather industry is hot carbon emissions, as well as domestic issues such as energy conservation concern in the industry to bring great challenges, but also for the industry circular economy development has brought great opportunities for development.

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