Use and maintenance of leather handbags

Use and maintenance of leather handbags

1, keep dry, store in a cool ventilated place.
2, avoid exposure, broiled, washed, sharp object impact and exposure to chemical solvents.
3, handbags without any water treatment process, wet bags, please wipe dry with a soft cloth to avoid leaving any stain or watermark surface wrinkles. If used in the rain, should pay special attention.
4, not just use shoe polish.
5, Sharpei avoid wet water should be rubbed raw rubber and special care and cleaning products, shoe polish should not be used.
6, should be careful to protect all metal parts, wet and salty environments can cause oxidation. Save Lotus leather purses
7 leather bag when not best placed to save on behalf of cotton, not put plastic bags because plastic bag ventilation, make the leather too dry and damaged. Bag stuffed with some soft toilet paper is best to keep the bag’s shape. If no suitable bag, old pillow is also very suitable.

8 purses and shoes, is another form of the active substance, to use the same bag every day, it is likely to cause cortical elastic fatigue, so as to be like shoes, several interactive use; purses If you accidentally get wet , first with a dry towel dry water, which then plug some newspapers, magazines and the like dry, do not direct sun exposure, and that will make your beloved bag fade, deformation.

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