Leather cutting machine

Gerson leather cutting machine is die cutting machine for leather including pig leather,cow hide leather,sheep leather ,PVC leather,artificial leather etc.,

Leather sub-divided according to the production of raw materials to leather, recycled leather, leather and synthetic leather, all kinds of leather in the production completely, it is generally rolled into coils are shipped to factories and wholesale markets; sheets leather buy back after each By cutting into the appropriate size can be used for further processing; leather, leather is good whether it is fake leather (artificial leather commonly known), have a strong flexibility, rapid cutting molding is not easy.So it need to use Gerson die cutting machine to cutting any pattern of leather using a cutting die.

leather cutting machine

1. Cast iron of the clicking press with good firm structure and light weight.
2. Self-lubricating system reduces wear while extending the life of the machine.
3. Two-hand operation for safety and reliability.
4. Double-direction oil way design provides stability and reliability.
5. Low noise level during operation.
6. Includes polypropylene cutting pad.
7. Parts and support easily available
8.Also could supply custom cutting die
9.single phase or three phases electric motor for your choice
10.Minimum quantity requirement:one pcs.
11.Three button cutting machine is for your cutting different dies need.


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