Xinji leather industry e-commerce development

Xinji, this has the largest leather garment and leather production base, known for its strong leather industry. Surging in e-commerce today, Xinji county is relying on the unique industrial base, into electricity supplier torrent, into a new fast road.
Traditional industries and commerce, “Brief Encounter”
June 26, I went to Xinji, saw a minor celebrity in the local leather industry figures — Zhang Verdy. This “90” of the young girl, a few days ago just to get a diploma Hebei University of Economics, in the “circle inside,” she was already a veteran leather network operators, and incumbent MainTop Garment Co., Ltd. Xinji commerce manager. Although the family business, but the Commerce Department has primary care by Zhang Greenery, completely independent marketing, last year she was not to delay the case studies, the company has brought online sales of 7 million yuan of amazing accomplishments.
In the “80” in the eyes of the boy Wang Yanpei, Zhang good old green although small, but in doing e-commerce, but it is his “older.”
“Our company produces leather, fur and other products in the traditional wholesale, retail channel has done a good job, the factory has also been a ‘full turn children’ run, almost no spare ‘schedule’, however, we still strongly felt, In addition to the entity operates, to occupy a place in the field of electronic commerce is imminent. “incumbent Extension risk Garments Co., Ltd. Xinji commerce Wang Yanpei responsible person said, the key now is to suffer no experience, no direction, no talent, so the only anxious.
During the interview, like Wang Yanpei as full of “shock” the demands of corporate life for residents, a change in the past worried about the impact of the store business resentment, now Xinji leather manufacturers have followed closely the trend in consumption habits.
“Compared to Hangzhou, Haining leather industry and other domestic entities and electricity suppliers combined development of better places, commerce Xinji leather industry started late in hand, but as China’s largest leather and leather production base, strong leather tanning capacity and production Xinji have the ability to make the advantages of e-commerce development, therefore a high starting point, high standard, high-level to accelerate the county economy and e-commerce integration is crucial. “Xinji International Leather City Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Zhang said a new.
Hold together parts into a whole development in the electricity business platform to promote collective
“Now more than 20,000 square meters of office space is being renovated, the design settled more than 100 enterprises, have all been booked, in Xinji International Leather City Network outside the province registered users has reached more than 500 base enterprises settled in mid-July, they Admission to begin in mid-August soft opening. “entrepreneurial base electricity supplier to the person in charge Xing Yuan said.
It is understood that Xinji International Leather City Commerce Center by the Xinji International Leather City Limited commitment entrepreneurial base electricity supplier is responsible for providing the official online shopping mall platform, the supplier and electricity supplier enterprises docking platform, personnel transport platform, product design and development platform, quality supervision departments settled warranty platform to integrate third-party logistics logistics platform, graphic platforms.
“The biggest feature is the parts into a whole, change the past, companies Baotuan children alone for the development.” Zhang said a new.
Take the cost of doing business is closely related with the logistics platform, the past business their own, whether it is physical or electronic commerce is to find a courier company, now is the integration of third-party logistics company based unified, unified distribution, unified large customers preferential prices . “At present, SF, tact, Shen Tong and many other courier companies take the initiative to find a home, SF and even made the depth of cooperation, construction of logistics warehouse intentions.” Leather City electricity supplier entrepreneurial base, another official said Qin Dong .
“Assigned to the base after our logistics costs can be reduced by half.” Zhang Greenery adds.
Breaking the original radius of integration of resources
“E-commerce is the biggest breakthrough in breaking the traditional ‘circle’ concept, so that the radius of trade and services, unlimited expansion.” Zhang said a new, Xinji International Leather City, 300 km radius of it, settled more than 1,700 merchants in order to outward expansion of the market, to expand its influence, we must make good use of e-commerce platform.
The author Lynx mall keyword “Haining leather”, there will be more than 8000 items, and enter “Xinji leather” is not search any merchandise.
“Admittedly, Xinji leather brand features were not enough obviously, electrical and commercial enterprises to establish ‘Xinji Leather’ brand awareness BaoTuan child is not mature.” Wang Yanpei said, but in Xinji leather on a strong industrial base, with the electricity supplier Venture base to integrate various resources, joint marketing and promotion, “Xinji leather” brand effect is bound like a circle like ripples spread.
Now, the International Leather City Network has been on the line and in the commissioning phase; International Leather Design Network and international logistics information network is being developed; future will be built in the city of leather Commerce Center office building overall planning program plans and construction drawings of the design is for ……
“The future will be built as Xinji International Leather IT, arts and culture and China International Leather Leather network operators based in the city, as well as a national demonstration zone leather culture, striving North China’s largest leather industrial park.” Zhang said a new.
It is worth mentioning that, in opening up the international market, by the Russian Yekaterinburg University MBA lecturer Alexei Yi Zima By Love team building in Russia Russian International Leather City Network, is designing the overall architecture, website built to achieve cross-border payments capabilities.

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