Recognizing leather and cutting

Recognizing leather and cutting

There are many types of leather, the market most often seen as nothing more than cow leather, pig,sheep,deer,rabbit, etc., and according to the different characteristics of each type of leather cutting methods.For make leather shoes,leather case ,leather bag or any leather craft ,need to leather cutting machine to die cutting any shape of the leather for different need with using small die cutting machine or clicker press.

The most commonly used is the market like cow leather, because the area is large, so you can cut the different needs for sale:

1.full-cut leather Whole Hide: Whole cow leather, no need to cut.
2.cut in half leather Side: cut leather cut in half.
3.Leather Double Shoulder: head and neck which is thick leather fibers.
4.Leather Double Culatta: removing the head and neck outside, using a wide range for belts / shoes / handbags and other productions.
5.leather Belly: softer, more malleable, commonly used in small leather goods.
6.Back: Semi-cut leather, remove the belly side skin part. Used for the bag body for purses and belts.
7.Double Bend: Most belt factory in use, because of leather Founder, the loss will be reduced when using, so the price will be higher.
8.square leather Bend: thicker. More commonly used in shoe. Other types of leather, because the area is small, are sold in whole, without another cutting.

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