China high-end hydraulic components 70% dependent on imports

China high-end hydraulic Components 70% dependent on imports, especially in the high-end engineering machinery,high-end  hydraulic machinery, 90% of the hydraulic parts controlled by others countries. 70% to 80% of the profits to the foreign manufacturer of hydraulic products.
Hydraulic components is an important foundation for the modern pieces of equipment manufacturing industry is the basic industry machinery industry, can be used in industry, military, aviation, water conservancy and other fields, a broad market space.
Hydraulic technology has become a measure of a country’s level of industrial level is one important indicator. Developed countries, 95% of construction machinery, 90% of CNC machining centers, more than 95% have adopted automatic line hydraulic drive technology.

China  will actively extend the industrial chain, focusing on the development of high-end mainstream products and sophisticated, special, special hydraulic components and systems, built the largest high-performance, full range of hydraulic products manufacturing base.

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