Fabric Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine

Gerson Fabric Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine is die cutting machine for fabric feeding in roll .it is also can die cutting paper,plastic,leather ,rubber,etc.,

Fabric Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine

1. The machine is applicable to continuous cutting operation of nonmetal rolled materials of same specifications and large batches by die cutter. For example, used in such industries as football, volleyball, tennis and medicine etc.
2.  The servo motor is adopted to control the horizontal movement of cutting head, and the multilayer materials are clamped by the cylinder for stepping feeding. The machine can automatically complete the cutting of materials and the displacement distance of cutting head and feeding length can be accurately set, which has solved the problem of inaccurate feeding and layering length of multilayer materials.
3.  The machine has various working modes such as inching, manual and automatic etc. modes. The workers need only to pick up the finished materials, with labor intensity reduced and work efficiency enhanced.
4. The machine has cutting modes of stagger, stagger blade reducing and die cutter rotation etc., which can save 10%~15% of raw materials.
5. As the machine is controlled by microcomputer with high automation degree, only one worker is required for the whole machine, so that the production efficiency can be enhanced for 3-5 times and the power can be almost 1/3 saved.
6.  With special setting mechanism, and in conjunction with die cutter and cutting depth setting, the travel adjustment is simple and accurate.
7.  Products of special specifications can be customized. Optional cutting board micro-movement device.

Model GRM-25,30,40,50,60,80,100
Max Cutting Force 25 to 100 tons
Cutting table Widths 1800~2500mm or more
Cutting Head/Movable trolley 500 x 500mm up to 1000 x 1000mm
Gerson can make the cutting machine according to your specifical requirement :such as cutting force power,worktable size,motor,co

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