mechanical die cutting press

Gerson mechanical die cutting press is mechanical type cutting press.Which is die cutting most soft and semi-rigid products:fabric,leather,plastic,paper,cardboard,cork etc.,

mechanical die cutting press

1.Mechanical driven.

2.Cutting force is from 10t to 25 tons.

3.Cutting table size can be  1000mm to 1800mm.

4.Die cutting with any shapes of cutting knifes/dies can cut-outs any shapes for production.

Gantry width 1000mm-1600mm 1000mm-1800mm
Cutting thickness 64mm 80mm
Adjustment range of worktable 50mm-200mm 50mm-200mm
Cutting frequency 76/min 76/min
Max Cutting Force 15T-20T 18T-25Tons
Motor power 3Kw 3Kw

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