Full head clicker press

Gerson Full head clicker press is full head beam die cutting press .It can die cutting most material:Textiles, Leather, Cork, Rubber, Glass, Fiber, Plastics, Packing, Paper, Gaskets, Floor Tiles, Felt, Sponge, Hardboard, Upholstery, Carpet

full head clicker press

1. The machine is widely applicable for cutting of nonmetal materials in various industries by cutter die .

2. Adopt double oil cylinder, precise double-crank connecting rod mechanism, which can guarantee that the cutting depth at every cutting position is same.

3. With special setting mechanism, and equipped with die cutter and cutting depth setting, the travel adjustment is simple and accurate.

4. The pressing board of cutting carries out slow cutting when it contacts the die cutter,

which can make that there is no size error between the uppermost layer and lowermost layer of cut materials.

5. The central oil supply automatic lubricating system guarantees machine precision and prolongs service life of machine.

6. The operation is labor-saving and simple, with low malfunction, strong cutting power and high cutting speed.

7. Operation with two hands makes high safety.

8.Any custom build requirement welcome
9.Option: autoamtic feed roller,automatic belt sheet feeder,PLC control etc.,

Model GRB(C)-25T to 500T
Max cutting force(T) From 25 Tons to 500 Tons
Distance between upper press board andworktable(mm) 50-240mm
Cutting area(mm) 1250×600,700,800,900,1000,1200, 1500mm
1470×600,700,800,900,1000,1200, 1500mm
1600,1700,1800,2000,2200×600,700,800,900,1000,1200, 1500,1800mm,2200mm
Motor power 1.5 to 22KW
Machine Net weight (KG) 1600 to 16500KGs
1700 to 17500KGs

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