Leather Historical development

Leather Historical development
Leather industry covers leather, footwear, leather, leather, fur and articles thereof other main industries, as well as leather chemicals, leather, metal, leather machinery, accessories and other supporting industries. [2] downstream associated with high, relying on market pull, product evergreen, set foreign exchange, enriching employment as one of the features.
China’s leather industry, after adjustment optimize the structure, the country has formed a number of specialized division of labor, prominent features, stimulating the local economy plays an important role in leather production characteristics of regional and professional markets. Their formation, laid the basis for the development of China’s leather industry [3].
In an increasingly competitive market environment, Chinese leather industry can achieve such results is not easy, which also proves the strong vitality of China’s leather industry and stronger. Leather and leather products market potential is huge, global leather total demand of about 100 million square meters, equivalent to 300 million leather (standard skin) production, Chinese leather production equivalent to nearly 70 million standard leather, about global leather production 23.33%. However, Chinese leather footwear and related industries companies should face into the 21st century, we are in many ways there are also inadequate, although China is the world’s largest producer of leather, leather power but not in quality, value, are still in a weak position, it is necessary in this market environment to hone and improve….

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