shape clicker press

The Gerson  shape clicker press is die cutting press for cutting out any shapes . The shapes cutting out from the original material by the custom build clicker dies/knife.

shape clicker press

These shapes cut out of rolls of soft material, such as fabric, rubber, leather,paper etc.,

Specially designed oil system, can easily adjust the height of the swing arm, after change cutter height, you do not need to make any adjustments.

.Effortless operation, simple, low failure rate, and nontraditional cutting machine noise, less failure, easy maintenance.

.Upper and lower countertops smooth precision, each cutting point force.

.Adopting electronic timer control stroke lower limit position, easy access to the best cutting position, high precision, fast speed, and low energy consumption.

.Rocker cutting head rotates freely, the best sight in operation, convenience in choosing materials and high efficiency.

.Special material cutting head has lubrication system and prolong life, and the best cutting results.

.Can use doublesided sharp cutting knife, saving the cost of labor and die cutter and pad.

.Taking advantage of hand wheel to adjust the swing arm subtalar cutting stroke, adjusting operation smoothly and easily.

.The hands button before cutting, and avoid continuing abuse, high security.

Gerson cutting presses to meet every cutting need, regardless of shape

Cutting area 800,900,1000,1200*400mm,500
Cutting force 8tons-30Tons
Motor Power 2HP
Stroke 90mm
 Arm Width 370,500,600mm
N.W. 630kg
G.W. 650kg
Color orange and green
Voltage three/single phase,380v/220v 
Hydraulic oil 46# 48# 68#
Dimensions 900*760*1300mm
Packing size 1000*900*1550mm
Function cutting 
Automatic Grade Semi-Automatic 
Driven Type Hydraulic 
Type Cutting machine 
Condition New 

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