Textile machinery entering the era of intelligent

Currently, some domestic textile enterprises in the automation , intelligent building has already yielded some results . China Textile Machinery Association, vice chairman Zhu Xianmin through analysis of current trends in the new industrial revolution that digital, networked, intelligent era is coming , so to continue to promote China’s textile automation equipment , intelligent technology to a higher level development. According introduced , some companies have realized the carding spinning , weight -linked , small network linked , through the process of connecting dramatically reduce labor , reduce human resource costs and improve profits. If you continue to further developments in this direction , using more intelligent technology , the future of the country will be expected to build fewer people , no cotton factory or workshop.

Some chemical fiber production enterprises filament winding , inspection, packing by the control system . In addition to reducing labor outside , through the intelligent recognition system can be maintained on the basis of the original production , improve the quality of goods supplied to customers , increase product added value and increase corporate profits. In the future, the control system on the downstream product information and communication technology to help companies create products become intelligent products, so that each wire cake can know at what time of production , in which the spinning bit production, will go where available which process to process information . In the digital, networked, intelligent situation , textiles, clothing can also be achieved from mass production to mass production methods to produce customized products.
At present , the development of new domestic textile equipment automation , intelligent technology has entered the fast lane. Workshop was attended by representatives of a number of companies have said that their new technology, new equipment, new systems have been widely applied. These new technologies have not only on innovative ideas , the better to solve practical problems in production . The audience and experts also conducted exchanges , some business users by introducing experts, a better understanding of the situation of these technologies.
On the one hand textile equipment manufacturing enterprises in the automation and intelligence technology continue to make breakthroughs ; hand is under cost pressure , companies hope the new technology users to reduce labor costs and improve product quality. Our automated , intelligent and constantly improve the level of equipment , expanding production scale , continuous access to authorized users at home and abroad , these conditions can be seen at the seminar .

As a populous country, China ‘s textile industry can not do without , urbanization will greatly increase domestic textiles , factor costs also need to improve labor productivity. Cost will block progress, low investment in technology can accelerate the promotion of high technology . At present , China has a certain cost advantage, so some high-tech in China is expected to achieve faster .

In recent years , the domestic textile machinery enterprises in technological level has been significantly improved , many international advanced textile machinery enterprises to invest in China , but also greatly promoted the upgrading of China’s textile equipment manufacturing level . Meanwhile, the state has also developed a manufacturing powerhouse strategic research , and other Chinese-made 2020 strategy , providing help and support for the new equipment manufacturing industry.

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