Die cutting tools for leather fabric sheet

The die cutting tolls for leather fabric sheet:When we cut the leather or fabric sheet ,we need one cutting tools or machine for die-cutting.

Die cutting tools for leather fabric sheet

The following die cutting tools designed and manufactured by Gerson Machinery.

1.The cutting die is a specialized tool used in manufacturing industries to cut or shape material mostly using a die cutting machine or some for clicker press machine.

2.This kind of die cutting tool/machine is easy to operate with double hand just push the button.

3.have many models for choice for different size of leather ,fabric sheet or other similar material.

4.More information or requirement ,welcome to contact Gerson die cutting machine company sales department.

Model GSB,GR,GRA model
Maximum Cutting Force 8-30 tons
Cutting speed 0.085m/s
Adjustable stroke 5-180mm
Tension distance 60-250mm
Cuttting table size 800,900,1000,1200×400,500mm
size 660×780×1500mm or more
Motor Power 0.75KW,1.1KW
Net Weight (N.W.) 450Kgs-1100Kgs




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