28T Clicker Press

Gerson 28T Clicker Press is 28 ton cutting force clicker press ,This 28 ton die cutting machine used fro many material :

28T clicker press

1) Two handles to guarantee the workers  safty.

2) The clicker press is applicable to cutting of various nonmetal materials by die cutter.

3) The die cutting machine oil way system specially designed can conveniently adjust the rocker height. No adjustment is needed after the height of die cutter is changed.

4) High speed and low energy consumption clicker press .

5) Products of special specifications can be customized.

Model GR-28
Cutting Force 28 tons
Cutting Table 1000*500mm
Arm Width 500,600mm
Maximum Stroke 180mm
Motor Power 1.1kw
N.W(approx.) 780 kg
G.W(approx.) 900 kg
Overall Dimensions (WxDxH) 1050 x 1150 x 1570mm
Color custom built

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