Glove-making Hydraulic cutting Press

This glove die cutting machine is applicable to making gloves from the raw materials such as cotton, nylon and fabric. Work glove type, Pu suede fabric type, mechanic type, leather type etc., are all within range.

Glove-making Hydraulic cutting Press
Glove-making Hydraulic cutting Press

1. the common cutting press machine can process gloves of various size, shape and materials as mentioned above.
2. Thanks to the hydraulic driving force, raw material can be effortlessly formed by the beams.
3. More than one piece or bundle material can be shaped at one time quickly, conveniently without any noise.
4. Various sizes of all the components are available to realize your expectations.
5. We are always at your service if you need want to know any further information.

Type: GSB, GR, GRA, GRB serials
Maximum Operating Force: 8Tons-500Tons or More
Operating speed: 0.085m/s
Adjustable travel: 5-300mm or more
Tension distance: 60-350mm or more
Working table size: 650×330m to 3000mm×2500mm
Size: 660×780×1500mm to 2800×3200×1700mm
Motor Power: 0.75 to 22KW

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