Automatic die cutting machine


This automatic feeding die cutting machine is mainly used for cutting many kinds of products and materials as below: vacuum form, plastic tableware,disposable tableware, Biodegradable Tableware, Food Containers ,double foam shell, stationery, toys, leather product:such as leather bag etc., boot, car steppig board, carpet, combined picture, wood board, composed board, shoes, soft PU foam, circuit board, name plate, PC, PVC, sticky paper, copper-aluminum piece, fibre, hat etc lots of products and industry using.automatic feeding die cutting machine


1.Adopt the balanceable set of three cylinders , which can accelerate the stroke speed between top and bottom and improve the production efficiency..

2.The upper mold is attached with rotary plate that can move freely, protecting the lifetime of  cutting die

3.The oil-path can control the cooling effect; you will not install the cooling machine again, reducing the trouble of equipping pipe.

4.Bending moving arms transfer, feed the cutting to the cutting point, quickly, accurately and stably Which can avoid oil leakege when traditional oil cylinder feeding and prevent feeding cutting damage caused by oil seal wear decompression problem.

Model  GRK-180  GRK-180/  GRK-300
Maximum Cutting Force 180T 180T 300T
Stroke adjustment 10×250mm
Working Area 1400×720mm 1600×850mm 2300×1200mm
 Motor power 7.5HP 7.5HP 10HP
Overall dimension(mm) 2300x2000x 2000 2300x2100x2300 2350x2850x3000

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