Rubber gasket cutting machine

There have many gaskets and o-rings,including the EPDM O-Rings Fluorosilicone O-Rings
Teflon Encapsulated O-Rings,Nylon O-Rings,Neoprene O-Rings,Polyurethane O-Rings,Natural O-Rings etc.,

Gerson die cutting machine can be for most rubber gaskets and o-rings.
Gerson could do custom made special requirement,such as the cutting table size,cutting force ,etc.,

1.travelling head press

automatic hydraulic cutting machine
The travelling head mounted with cutting die and can easily change if you want to cut different shapes. Automatic travelling head can set by worker easily and improve the prodution effeciency.For the nomal detailed information ,please see the Product Categories.

2.beam press

movable beam press
including crosshead beam press,full beam press etc., autoamtic cutting system can also improve the production effeciency.For the details ,also see the Product Categories.

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