The Sixteenth Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition

The Sixteenth Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition

SHANGHAITEX2013 will be held this year June 10 to 13 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. From around 25 countries and regions, nearly a thousand domestic and overseas textile machinery exhibitors, exhibition scale of 100,000 square meters, is expected to attract more than sixty thousand visitors worldwide, dozens of domestic and overseas associations and corporate tours to visit procurement.

China’s “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” of the textile machinery industry requires a clear focus on the development of high-end 8 categories of textile technology and equipment, speed 50 product and technology development and industrialization, promotion of seven areas of 38 advanced and applicable products and technologies . 2013 is the Chinese textile industry to comprehensively push forward structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, promote the “50 +38” critical period of the project, when textile machinery exhibition held in Shanghai will further boost the development of the industry, becoming the world’s latest textile technology display, communication and trade platform.

The exhibition gathered the world’s leading textile machinery, leading the industry to upgrade the theme, set spinning / non-woven fabrics and industrial fabrics, weaving machinery, garment machinery, textile machinery spare parts, knitting machinery, dyeing and finishing equipment, etc. Area. During the exhibition will be held a variety of forums, technical discussions and trends released, also ad hoc EFTA group, the group of buyers to provide services, while at the site visit will be pre-registered visitors lucky draw was held to increase the show with the audience interaction.

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