Textile Machinery Industry Focus On Industrial Upgrading And Structural Adjustment.

The textile machinery industry  has accelerated the pace of structural adjustment in 2013. China Textile Machinery Equipment Industry Association Wangshu Tian pointed out that the textile industry restructuring changes are promoting technological advancement of effective protection.

The trend of recovery in the export market this year, but it depends on the international competitiveness of China’s textile and apparel can be maintained. Domestic market as urbanization and income growth, the steady expansion; Cotton spreads will continue this year, the cotton industry pressure diminished, exports of cotton products will still be affected; industry running smoothly, the overall trend showed low to high before.

2013 textile machinery industry continues to focus on industrial upgrading and structural adjustment.
Textile industry to further explore how to promote technological innovation in the industry. As the world’s largest production scale, product variety largest textile big country, the domestic textile enterprises in the product do not always technically followers, but to strive to become the leader. To this end, China Textile Machinery Association is organizing member companies, textile machinery industry by creating innovative technology alliances, strengthen technical cooperation between enterprises and promotion. At present, led by the Association implemented the “new generation of textile equipment industry technology innovation alliance” is redoubling its efforts advancing. Wangshu Tian said that the establishment of the League for companies, universities and research institutes to provide technical cooperation in line with market rules and promotion platform for industrial development of common technical bottleneck breakthrough.

In recent years, the United States and other Western countries have frequently restrictions on Chinese textile imports, the Indian textile industry provided an opportunity. Many manufacturers through the introduction of advanced equipment, build quality and quantity have reached world-class production facilities, advanced, capital-intensive new textile industry is expanding rapidly. India’s current knitting, weaving, garment factories and other textile industry has been in a batch using Chinese machinery, increasing demand for textile machinery. Gerson machinery also have export many textile cutting machine to India market.These textile cutting machine for die cutting textile and textile products.  India has become a major export of textile machinery market, the market potential is very large.

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