shoe making machinery development in 2013

Shoes making machinery Narrow sense refers to the process will be used in shoesmaking equipment, tools and accessories; broadly refers to the footwear industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises of machinery and equipment used (including tanning, shoe, sole, heel, metal, machining, mold, detection, etc. related to the field equipment and tool accessories). We usually say that the shoe machine industry refers broadly.
China shoes machines industry from the 1980s began to sprout, 90s started the first decade of this century, the rapid development and growth. Especially since China joined the WTO in 2003 to 2008 before the outbreak of the global financial crisis, only a small amount of the original species of shoe machine shoe machine companies have expanded production categories, launched footwear “whole plant planning, turnkey” service, China shoe machine industry either from a technical or scale, access to the “quality” of the leap, and in the short term to achieve a rapid expansion. Until after the 2008 financial crisis hit the ice age, and then adjust the industrial upgrading in 2009-2010 ushered in spring recovery. But only after a peak in the first quarter of 2011, and gradually into the history of the “second ice age.”

2013 domestic shoe machine industry operating environment will not be optimistic, even downturn, due to:
First, the Chinese shoe machine industry in its own restructuring and upgrading, to automation and intelligent direction of transformation among the technically more difficult, because many shoe actual production of new technology requires authentication, shoe enterprises are not interested in the production of experimental most want to be shot would buy a very mature and stable technology and equipment, so the majority of the market did not go through a lot of the actual production-proven techniques and varieties of shoes still in the exploratory stage, there is no scale effect.
Second, the shoe enterprises considering investment in equipment when the device is not obvious to bring efficiency performance improvement (including the ability to respond flexibly to diverse small order trends), shoe lack of orders in the case, will not dare to invest.
Third, labor costs, raw material costs, management costs can only rise, not fall, business increasingly difficult, and even affect business confidence for the future. These three factors, combined with the flight of industry, Chinese footwear production has passed its peak and began gradually downward.

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