EPE making Machine

EPE making machinery is the machinery and equipment which specialized for processing, sponges and other materials packaging .Gerson machinery is a professional EPE machinery manufacturer. Sometimes need to re-use a variety of methods in order to achieve the final effect; EPE processing three steps simply as: slitting, laminating,die-cutting.

1.Slitting: We usually need to slitting the entire volume of the material into the same size sheet;So we can use slitting machine to cut further, we need to achieve the exact size.
2 Laminating:Most packaging company need a lot of cases are finished three-dimensional structure, so you want to thin sheets bonded together to facilitate further processing; therefore EPE hot melt laminating machine will be able to achieve the purpose by the use of heating hot melt adhesive.
3.Die-cutting:Packaging Materials is intended to protect the electrical, glass, etc. other commodities. we need to use Geson precision beam cutting machine loaded with die, Then could die cut into the finished shape;

This article from http://www.shoesmachines.com/epe-processing-machinery-three-steps.html

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