CNC Leather punching machine

Gerson Leather CNC punching machine for leather, cattle sheep, artificial leather, plastic, pu, eva, pvc, all kinds of cloth, paper, leather accessories, shoe, decorations, curtains, car leather chairs, etc.,

CNC Leather punching machine

widely used in auto parts (breathable cushion), luggage bags, stationery, shoes, breathable material, advertising paper and other industries.

1.Automatic computer typesetting punching, automatically returned after processing , high working efficiency, safety and reliability;
2.One  mold can punch a variety of styles. And through computer simulation to imitate punching.
3.Can be carried out in a small area of any part of the punching, flexible and convenient;
4.Can be used for very small complex pattern punching which can solve the very small making die problem.
5.Using pneumatic punching as a driving force and using a variety of special-shaped punch, have smooth leather surfac ,compare to laser punching ,the material never been to burned black.
6.Pattern design and changing by software and the punch to change which without changing mechanical mold.
7.Supply requirements: Gerson CNC  punching machine is a pneumatic working equipment, time pressure requirements :6-7kg. Need to configure a single air compressor.Gerson also could supply with air compressor.

Model GCPM200
Punches quantity 8 (2 group,4 pounchers/group)
Air  Cutting Force 6-7kg / cm2
Punching speed 400-600  punch / min
punch diameter range 0.6mm-15mm
Single working area(double working area) 500mm × 750mm
error range 0-0.1mm
Machine size 1900 × 1800 × 1600mm
Motor Power 1.8Kw
Net Weight (N.W.) 980kgs

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