How to identify leather bag identification

Leather handbags are expensive, can be worth the money generally leather bag with leather-based, well-tanned to herbicides Cunliang. Wear and toughness, thus becoming the material of choice purses. In fact, the leather bag outside. Ladies bags a very wide world of sleep, leather leatherette handbag can be real, whether from clothing with framed from a practical standpoint, Lai is an affordable option in addition to woven framed there fabrics as raw material ladies bags, more diverse varieties, the price also allows the average person afford.
Because women’s bags women essential belongings, “one should ridicule buy heavy weight style, not the number of how many, but rather models and quality, the general should dress according to their own preferences to locate Tibetan and color. good class women have at least one bag, carry formal occasions, while the rest of the package is more too congregation may have a few more or less.

The following for the one who want to buy leather bag reference:

1, the first smell taste. Plastic-like artificial leather taste pungent odor. Leather smell is rather special, you can go to get some leather smell of view.

2, we have to see the leather ductility. Leather soft and flexible. Sent a lot of leather.

3, then there is to see pores. Leather pores are the same, while the leather pores are irregular.

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