How to Cleanup computerized sewing machines

Any machine with a long time to be regularly inspected and maintained, so as to use more smoothly in order to extend their use of time. Now we took computerized sewing machine as an example for what the computer sewing machine cleaning and maintenance.
sewing machine with a different computer, the tasks it has to be much larger, it is particularly important to clean up. Cleanup computerized sewing machines on the premise that: cut off the power to stop operation of the machine, make sure to clean up the process will not be any incidents.
The following is a computerized sewing machine clean up the concrete steps:
1, on the feed dog cleanup
Remove the needle plate and feed dog screws between the clear cloth hair, dust, and add a small amount of sewing machine oil;
2, on the shuttle bed cleanup
Bed sewing machine bobbin core of the work is also the most prone to failure where, therefore, to always clear the dirt and add a small amount of sewing machine oil;
3, other parts of the clean-up
Sewing machine surfaces and all parts within the panel should be cleaned.
Used sewing machines, it is best to spend a few minutes to clean up the computer specialist sewing machines, this will work in future to create a good working environment and to achieve the dual purpose of maintenance of machinery!

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