Gerson PRECISE Four-post CLICKING PRESS machine is die cutting machine with strong four post structure.


1.four post clicking press machine for rubber,plastic,leather,fabric etc.,

2.Double oil-cylinder, precise four-column automatic balance link rod machanism make the place and depth are same complete.

3. Adopting the single and double edge automatic feeding installation, improve the difficiency of the machine 2-3 times, fully play the function of machine, saving the labor cost.

4. Differential design, the knives down to automatic slow cutting, so no difference between upper and lower level.

5. It will not have the continuous or trimmings in edge when cutting the environment-friendly materials, such as PS, EPE, OPS, PET, ABS etc., and will not have the dust in the box when cutting the food box.

6.Fine tuning installation of cutting power can get the cutting power quickly, due to the precise of cutting balance degree, the lost of knives and sheets cutting can reduce greatly.

7. Adopting linear sliding rail automatic feeding quietly, non-shaking when the material in and out, and putting and taking products are easy, safety highly. Choose the single and double feeding device according to customers needs.

Model GRB(C)-25T to 500T
Max cutting force(T) From 25 Tons to 500 Tons
Distance between upper press board andworktable(mm) 50-240mm
Cutting area(mm) 1250×600,700,800,900,1000,1200, 1500mm
1470×600,700,800,900,1000,1200, 1500mm
1600,1700,1800,2000,2200×600,700,800,900,1000,1200, 1500,1800mm,2200mm
Motor power 1.5 to 22KW
Machine Net weight (KG) 1600 to 16500KGs
1700 to 17500KGs

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