Shoes machinery and vacuum vulcanizing machine advantage

Shoes machinery main products are : all kinds of style lines, bottom infrared paste production line , oven , infrared oven, rapid freezing / heat-setting machine, infrared sulfur machine, vacuum vulcanizing machine, heel hot and cold forming machine , steaming wet series , front / rear lasting machine, various pressing machine , nailing machine , slice machine , shoes cutting machine , glue machine , shoe machinery shoe-making equipment , infrared oven , shoe line , second-hand shoe machine, shoe machine, vulcanizer , shoes, accessories, rapid freezing machine, infrared double bottom paste various mechanical computer hardware accessories.

Main features:

1 using steam spray device , first spray vamp , and then quickly heated and dried. Then by vacuum forming massage uppers .

(2) the various parts of the temperature setting , according to the toe , heel , regulating different materials at different temperatures , so that the treated shoe was streamlined state , the appearance of perfect shape better.

3 Use the vacuum forming , so that the upper and the last head match . No living adjustment processing time of each segment , the processing better quality shoes .

4 using rotary circulation conveyor belt, to save time , improve productivity and product quality and stability .

5 using rail transportation methods rolling lose even turn , help to improve the stability of the machine and the life of the product , but also reduces the cost of machine breakage .

6 is sealed heating, help stabilize the processing tank white spoon temperature effect , reducing heat loss save electricity, reduce production costs.

7 Using rotary cycle of transmission mode , saving shoe , reducing manufacturing costs.

Relatively small size , small footprint , a unique sound principle of convection design, make the machine noise.

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