2014 Italian 79th Expo Riva Schuh

2014  Italian 79th Expo Riva Schuh
One ; Exhibition Name 79th Garda International Footwear Fair Italy
Two ; Show time in January 2014 12-15
Three ; Venue Exhibition Centre Garda , Italy
Four ; Exhibits: fashion shoes, fashion shoes, leather shoes, men’s shoes, women’s shoes, children shoes, indoor shoes , casual shoes , sport shoes, sandals and so on.
Show Information
Garda, Italy International Footwear Exhibition (Expo Riva Schuh called Riva Shoes ) , is the world ‘s leading professional shoe exhibition is one of Europe ‘s largest exhibition of footwear . The exhibition is organized since 1973 , the annual spring and autumn in Italy, the famous tourist destination – Garda  International Exhibition Center. The second annual exhibition , a total of five pavilions. June 2012 The exhibition area of ​​32,000 square meters , with more than 10,686 exhibitors and visitors to the site procurement . This session of the exhibition on display from 1,224 exhibitors 2013 autumn and winter products, including 893 from overseas.
Garda  Shoes is the industry’s first year of the next year the new order opportunities. Garda  Fair for exhibitors and visitors a comprehensive forecast of the product in advance to plan their orders opportunities. From the perspective of the other exhibitors , Garda  Shoes for testing their new and adjusted to bring into the market possibilities. Of course, the Garda  Shoes is not just that. In fact,  Garda is also seasonal products Shoe Show last orders chance , thanks to the part of the tour operators , about 35 percent of the continued demand for warehouse , exhibition organizing committee has done a survey of these tour operators need some seasonal the ( ie 2012/ 2013 autumn and winter ) products.  Garda Shoes is the most famous international shoe exhibition goods , has also become a better deal , compliance rate, transaction price higher international famous exhibition .

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