Full beam movable beam die cutting machine

Full beam movable beam die cutting machine is the four column hydraulic die cutting machine with the movable beam .This machine is very easy operation for most industry production.

Full beam movable beam die cutting machine
Full beam movable beam die cutting machine

1、 Full beam movable beam die cutting machine is widely used in various soft and semi-rigid material including fabric, leather,plastic ,PET ,PVC packing,cloth rolls,foam sheets,carpets, floors mat and etc,It uses the cutting die to cut all kinds of nonmetal materials.
2、The machine can guarantee the same cutting depth of each cutting position for using double oil double oil cylinder,precise four-column and automatic balancing double connection rod.
3、The machine can move forward and backward to make the operating visual field be best and reduce labor intensity.
4、It can improve the work efficiency quickly when the cutting,after material feeding and die cutter placement,the upper pressing board will move forward,descend,cut,ascend and automatically move backward.All the actions are completed without a letup.
5 In order to ensure the workers’ safety,the machine uses optical grating protective device when cutting operation.

Model Maximum Cutting power(ton) Area of work table(mm) Press Board Stroke      range Distance between upper pressing board and worktable Motor power Machine dimensions(mm) Net weight
GRH-35 350KN(35T) 1600*610mm 1600*600mm 0-110mm 60-160mm 3KW 2320*1400*1520mm 2400kg
GRH-500 500KN(50T) 1600*610mm 1600*600mm 0-110mm 60-160mm 4KW 2320*1600*1720mm 4000kg
GRH-80 800KN(80T) 1600*820mm 1600*800mm 0-120mm 60-180mm 4KW 2320*1600*1720mm 5500kg
GRH-120 1200KN(120T) 1600*820mm 1600*800mm 0-120mm 60-180mm 5.5KW 2320*1600*1720mm 6500kg

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