Rubber Gloves Auto Feeding Full Beam Machine

The cutting machine is adoptable to large factory which use die cutter to continous cutting of nonmetal materials especially for Rubber gloves.

Rubber Gloves Auto Feeding Full Beam Machine
Rubber Gloves Auto Feeding Full Beam Machine

1.The cutting die is fastened by pneumatic clamp device so as to make the replacement of die cutter convenient and prompt.
2.The machine adopts four-column guiding,double-crank balancing,four-column bloking fine-adjustment mechanism and hydraulic control system to realize stable operation and low deflection.
3.The conveying belt used to save labor and improve efficiency.
4.the highest power up to 500 tons.
5.Inlet and outlet of cutting area of the machine are installed with safety screens.
6.PLC control is adopted .
Model Maximum cutting power cutting table size(mm) Max.stroke(mm) GRB-25/30/40/50 25/30/40/50 (1250-2500)*(500-1500)mm 250mm
GRB-60/80/100 60/80/100 (1250-2500)*(500-1500)mm 250mm
GRB-120/150/200 20/150/200 (1250-2500)*(500-1500)mm 250mm
GRB-300/400/500 300/400/500 (1250-2500)*(500-1500)mm 250mm
Motor power(KW) machine size(mm) weight(kg) 2.2-4kw 2200*2700*1300mm or more 1600-3300kg
5.5-7.5kw 2300*2800*1300mm or more 4300-7600kg
11kw 2500*3100*1500mm or more 9500-13000kg
22kw 2500*3100*1500mm or more 15000-33000kg

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